A Software Stack for
Robots of the Future

Our technology tackles various challenges that inhibit current robotic systems, preventing their deployment in new applications. We are building the stack that will empower the future of general purpose robots.

Simulated Reality

Our simulation scenario runners allow for the rapid development and testing of robot manipulation in complex human populated environments, with realistic human behavioural models.

Simulated data generation provides nearly infinite amounts of photo realistic training data for ML models in a diverse array of scenarios.

Simulation Image
Perception Image

Perception System

Automatika’s state-of-the-art robot perception system leverages data from a variety of sensors simultaneously for accurate scene understanding. The modular nature of the system enables fast integration with a large variety of robotic systems.

We are developing some of the most exciting models for generalized robot perception utilizing foundation models trained on multimodal data for visual question answering and natural language based robot control.

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